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Adsorbents For Refining



TOP provides special molecular sieve-series products in petroleum refining industry.


Non-regenerative and regenerative adsorbents effectively and economically remove contaminants from various hydrocarbon streams in petroleum refineries. Contaminants removed: H2S, COS, CS2, HCl, HF, Hg (elemental mercury), AsH3 (arsine), Oxygenates (including H2O) , PH3 (phosphine), Organic chlorides, Organic fluorides, NH3, Other nitrogen-based compounds, Organic sulfur compounds.


Removing contaminants will help you:


l Minimize environmental concerns and assure plant personnel’s health and safety

l Prevent the deactivation of in-house refinery process catalysts and downstream petrochemical catalysts when using refined products as feedstock

l Meet product specifications

l Maximize profits


  Adsorbents Properties:


l High adsorption capacity and long effective adsorbent life

l Ability to attain ultra-low contaminant effluent specification

l Low reactivity, minimized side reactions and reduced coke deposition

l Optimum physical properties (high crush strength, low attrition and the ability to handle process upsets or non-ideal operating conditions)